Capturing the essence of Norway,
the sustainable way
Capturing the essence of Norway, the sustainable way

Making a difference the Norwegian way

The changing climate inspires us to do what we can to contribute to positive change and take care to protect our heritage,
the untouched waters and natural beauty of our planet.
That's why our water is captured in a light aluminium can, environmentally friendly, recycled and recyclable.
We have zero carbon footprint, and 1% of all of our turnover goes to cleaning up plastic from the worlds oceans.

Experience the flavour, taste the adventure

Each flavour combination has been carefully developed to compliment the fresh water taste.

Captured at source from the
ancient glacial belts of Norway.

Bordered by a national park.
Captured from a highly protected source.
Filtered naturally through marble.
100% pure.


  • Aluminum is infinitely recyclable
  • Keeps water cool for a longer period.
  • No plastic leeching, as though you are drinking straight from the source.

Purenorway foundation

By donation 1% of the turnover, PURENorwayFoundation will donate funds directly
to projects and organisations that are following our mission.